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Masterpiece Albums

These are all albums that I consider some of the greatest albums of all time, but is by no means a definitive list. I consider each album to be the artists greatest work. I will attempt to update this list as I listen to new albums.

Albums appear in no particular order.

This album is widely regarded as the best hip-hop album of all time. It was produced by one of the greatest producers of all time, DJ Premier.

My favorite part of the album is Nas ad-lib near the beginning of the album

I don’t know how to start this shit

Then Nas proceeds to drop one of the best verses ever.

Listen: Nas: “N.Y State of Mind”

This album is one of the greatest jazz records of all time. You can tell this album had a lot of influence on early rock and roll.

This was my favorite album of 2015. This and Good Kid, M.A.A.D City are my favorite hip hop albums of all time.

The underground and anonymous Burial takes R&B samples and turns them into Dubstep masterpieces. Make sure to forget any pre-conceived notions of Dubstep you have.

Hospice is a concept album that tells the story of a romance between a hospice worker and their patient who is suffering from terminal bone cancer. The album will destroy you emotionally.

The album is a meme in the indieheads community but hasn’t reached In The Aeroplane Over the Sea status.

Kevin Shields is the mastermind behind My Bloody Valentine. His unique guitar techniques create noises never heard before. Loveless took two years and £250,000 to record, and (allegedly) lead to the bankruptcy of the label.

Loveless is a legendary album because it is the album people think of in the shoegazing genre.

Published 28 Nov 2017